Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Unwrapping the package

Yesterday I glanced over the manuscript in Word, noting it was packed with content, carefully formatted, and the work of someone who loves reading and scholarship. As I printed out a copy double-sided, I found Brian's blog and saw a few places where he had mentioned the book, including its acceptance by Shepherd Press. I emailed him to introduce myself, letting him know I hoped to read through the manuscript sometime over the next couple weeks. He replied quickly and excitedly. Turns out Rick Irvin had already told him I would be his editor and Brian had already seen my site.

I then roughed out an initial look for this blog, keeping it private. I have not yet mentioned this idea to Brian (his interest is obviously a prerequisite to pitching the idea to Shepherd Press) because I'm not at all sure it's a good one. Maybe down the road I'll run the idea by him, and maybe someday after that we'll take it public. If you're reading this, we did.


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