Friday, June 11, 2010

Editing is complete. What next?

If you've visited this blog in the last month, you probably noticed that we've now completed the editing process of Christ Formed in You. Turning in the final manuscript to Shepherd Press last month was another milestone moment.

Here's a portion of the e-mail that Rick Irvin, the production manager for this project, sent:

It is great to see this. Not just from a business sense of getting part of a job done, but knowing that worthwhile work has been completed; challenges were met and God provided ways to open up his word. Just a quick glance shows that God has truly blessed all of us with the type of work I have wanted. As I drive people crazy with saying, "it's all about content and communication," and in this book God has provided both.

So, what's next? Well, securing endorsements, copy editing, typesetting and design, compiling both a Scripture and general index, marketing, and a target release date of October 1, 2010!


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